Founded in 1997 by Christopher Choun, JustEarth LLC is a Parent company for his continued intellectual property, and current and future retail product development projects. The divisons of JustEarth LLC represent skillsets developed through decades of experimentation and intensive self-initiative.

    In January 2016 we expanded our endeavors to include the product design and manufacturing market with several of our trademarks now preparing finalized products for a tenative release in March 2016 within the Amazon Marketplace. Until we develop further we will be utilizing Amazon Fulfillment to handle our daily point of sales.

    Our mission is to design and present for purchase digital and retail products that fill a reasonable gap in the market and that we believe have a demand. Our products are created as the result of experience and display the ideals of the Christopher Choun house of design. Those ideals include leading with functionality as the absolute and following with a measured aesthetic to be a benefit to all. Furthermore we make efforts to display concious by packaging accordingly and  understanding  that overbranding and overpackaging a product is a disservice to the modern intelligent consumer and the Earth.

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